Santa Maria
Serving the Children of the World

The Kiwanis Club of Santa Maria is a service organization comprised of caring men and women from all walks of life.  Our objective is to bring aid to children in need.  The majority of our efforts benefit children in the Santa Maria community.  A portion of our funds we raise go to help meet Kiwanis International objectives which focus on the special needs of young children from prenatal development to age five.

We serve by sponsoring fundraising activities which provide monetary support for children's programs and through personal involvement in the giving of our time and skills.  Anyone interested in serving others will feel welcome here.

Date Type Title
2/18/2016 Event

Arroyo Grande hosting

2/22/2016 Event


2/28/2016 Event

Check-in at 12:30pm and a prompt start of 1:00pm Entry Fee $80.00 (make checks payable to Kiwanis for Kids) Teams will consist of no more than 4 players Door prizes, drinks and snacks provided.


2/29/2016 Event

Help feed 100+ homeless individuals.

3/15/2016 Event

Recognition Dinner

3/24/2016 Event

Help feed 100+ homeless individuals.